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Foshan city core semiconductor limited company is the specialized production pressure triode, high anti signal amplifying triode, three terminal regulator, SCR, MOS tube, integrated circuit packaging sales company. The main shape of TO-251, TO-252, TO-220F, TO-220, TO-262, TO-263, TO-126, TO-92、SOT-23、SOT-89。series of shape of discrete devices. The factory is located in the township of Foshan Ronggui home appliances, range lights are Guzhen and Leliu only 20 minutes, and in Shenzhen Baoan district has sales branch. The company has first-class packaging equipment at home and abroad for many years engaged in the semiconductor development and production personnel, ISO9001 quality management system, quality of products recognized by customers, clients include switching power supply, energy saving lamps, household appliances, computer peripherals, toys and other industries. Welcome all friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation.